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Frequently Asked Questions


What is “Trauma- sensitive” yoga and can I still attend/benefit if I have no history of trauma or PTSD?

Trauma-sensitive yoga is a way of delivering yoga with an understanding of how trauma changes the body and the mind. This type of yoga can promote “post traumatic growth.” Trauma-sensitive yoga has been proven to be an effective complementary and alternative treatment for PTSD and trauma because its considered a “bottom-up” method for healing trauma as opposed to the “top-down” approach with traditional therapy. The latest research has shown that trauma must be processed and released by the body and not just the mind. A couple of examples of how this type of yoga is different is that there are no entrances/exits in the back of the room and hands-on adjustments are offered with permission only. We believe that trauma and PTSD can be healed with the right tools and in a safe and comfortable environment with people who understand its effects.

Which classes are suitable for beginners?

We recommend that all beginners start in Yoga for Beginners but we have several other classes suitable for beginners. We recommend avoiding Vinyasa Yoga until you are more comfortable with the pose names and the breath (pranayama). It’s always a great idea to let your teacher know that you are a beginner so that we can offer assistance with permission as well as more descriptive cues.

What is the minimum age allowed in an adult class?

We allow children 10 and up to attend with an adult present. As long as they want to attend and do not cause distractions for the rest of the class.

Is there a weight limit for aerial yoga?

Each aerial yoga hammock is designed to hold thousands of lbs.

I am not flexible. Can I still do yoga?

Absolutely. Flexibility is just one of the amazing benefits of a regular yoga practice. Think of it as a side effect, not a pre-requisite.

What should I wear?

Yoga is practiced with bare feet, although we do have yoga socks available for those with foot shyness or cold feet. Any comfortable yoga or athletic pants or shorts are acceptable. Just keep in mind that there may be times when legs are in the air so something fitted would likely be more comfortable. Tops vary from t-shirts to tank tops but again, something that will stretch and move with you and not distract you.

Do I need to bring my own mat?

We have studio mats available to use free of charge as well as top-quality, sustainable Manduka mats available for those ready to kick their practice up a notch. A good quality mat makes a huge difference in your yoga practice.

Is childcare available?


Can I attend Aerial yoga if I am a beginner?

Absolutely. Again, just inform your teacher that this is a new thing for you!